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It’s not just the parents that get custom gear. Whether your little ones are pedalling on their own or sleeping in the car seat, we make sure they have all the right stuff—the best in quality and safety.

Biking with the Kids

Adults and older children use our Bianchi bikes. Please see the main Biking Equipment page for more details on B&R adult bikes and accessories.

While many teenage travellers ride adult bikes, B&R’s fleet includes many options for smaller children. Depending on your child’s age and comfort with longer distances and/or traffic (which we avoid as much as possible, but still may encounter in, for instance, a busy market town), you might consider a child’s tandem or a trailer.


We use the Burley Piccolo, a cool-looking half-bike with a rear wheel, gears, pedals and handlebars. The front attaches to the rear rack of an adult bike and the adult takes care of the steering. This is a great option for kids who pedal sporadically and can’t necessarily cover the miles on their own. The tandem must be attached to a hybrid-style bike (road bikes are not a safe option). Maximum weight for a child riding the Burley Piccolo is half of the adult rider’s weight.


We use the Burley Solo, a two-wheeled trailer capable of pulling younger kids. For kids 49-52 in. (122-130 cm) tall. The weight limit is 60 lbs. (27 kg), but keep in mind that this refers to dead weight (as opposed to the tandem, where a kid can help pedal).


Adults and children also have use of custom-made LEKI telescoping walking sticks as well as water bottles in padded hip or pack-strap holsters. Maps and detailed route suggestions accompany each day’s excursion. For children weighing less than 85 lbs. (38 kg), we provide car seats in the B&R support van.


We will order car seats for kids weighing less than 85 lbs. (38 kg). They come in two styles: a full car seat with 3-point harness for smaller kids and a booster seat for larger kids. You can also bring your own, please just inform a Travel Advisor so your guides are expecting it.


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