Leki Walking Sticks

We provide you with LEKI Teton telescoping walking sticks with adjustable wrist straps. Their soft anti-shock system lite (SASL) was developed to reduce impact on your wrists and shoulders. The 3-section aluminum shaft telescopes from 24 to 51 inches to adjust to terrain and height. Weighing only 10 oz each, these are excellent walking sticks for our type of travel.

Tatonka Waist Pack

To carry your personal essentials in the most comfortable and unencumbered fashion, you’ll be given a Tatonka padded hip bag. These nifty little bags have an integrated holder perfect for your B&R waterbottle. Lightweight and with multiple zippered compartments you’ll find it essential on trip. And we’re confident you’ll like it enough to take it home with you too—it’s yours to keep.


(And Occasionally Award-Winning)

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