In 1966, George Butterfield organized a student biking trip in France with his wife Martha, and her brother, Sidney Robinson. That pioneering venture evolved into Butterfield & Robinson, the world’s premier luxury active travel company. Still at it after all these years, George continues to serve as B&R’s spiritual leader, resident travel sage, voyageur extraordinaire, and CEO of all things slow. Always on the hunt for new and interesting places to explore, his favourite trip is always the one he’s taking next.



President & CEO

Norman was originally seduced by the life of the mind while studying jurisprudence at Oxford, but after a harrowing experience practicing law and a brief dalliance with academia, he abandoned all pretenses and embarked upon a career in the pursuit of pleasure with B&R. He’s been working with us off and on ever since, following a meandering path from itinerant guide to director of expeditions to President. He still manages to get on the road with startling frequency, at least when not juggling the richly rewarding duties of fatherhood.



Director, Human Resources & Admin

This Francophile’s love of travel was first sparked after living, working and studying history and translation in rural Quebec and France. Since then, Robin has covered all corners of the globe, from Europe to Asia, and from Africa to every nook and cranny of North America. She’s also a pro when it comes to the great Canadian road trip – just ask her about crossing the country five times by van with a band!



Director, Private Travel

At 17, Brad’s travel bug (no doubt instilled by his grandmother who travelled the world as a missionary) sent him to visit every nook and cranny of Europe: Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Turkey…the list goes on! Returning to Canada a few years later, Brad decided to try out Victoria (where he once cycled to Alaska in 30 days!) before joining B&R and settling in Toronto with his Portuguese Water Dog named Barney.



Chief Financial Officer

Paul did not have time to help write his bio. So here’s some stuff that may or may not be true about him. An avid outdoorsman, he is happier on the lake than on his computer. He loves walks in the rain and double rainbows. Paul is also a “foodie”, with hot sauce on the side. He’s skilled with both spreadsheets and charcoal barbecues (moreso the former–just ask the Toronto Fire Department).



Director, European Planning

Chris has been part of B&R since the days of student biking, and in 1989 he completed the grueling one-day ride from Paris to London. Less crazy after all these years, Chris now limits his single-day rides to a daily commute to our office, where he oversees the research, planning, and operations of all of our published trips. His favourite, among all the innovative itineraries he’s championed? Paris to London, of course.



Director, IT

Adriano has had several “careers” before arriving at B&R, including stints with a certain book retailer, a NASA contractor, and even in horseracing. As the Director of IT, he is permanently glued to his blackberry, but on any given weekend he trades it in for his UCI license and can be found attached to his Look™ pedals and racing with the Darkhorse Flyers.



Director, Marketing

Having established a passion for communications from time working at design agencies and publishing houses, Trish came to B&R already with an eye for exceptional storytelling. With B&R celebrating its 50th year, it is a fine time to be sharing its stories. If you want to know who is behind the beautiful website and brochures? Look no further.



Director of Sales

Simon Elliott has lived in both South Africa and South Korea and has enjoyed biking throughout Europe. Always planning ways to get more stamps in his passport. As our Director of Sales he loves sharing his experiences and the excitement of seeing new places with our travellers. When not in the office he can be found on the tennis court or playing bass in his band.



Director, European Operations

First employed by B&R in 1987, Geoff worked his way up through the ranks in the early 90s before striking out on his own, founding his own tour company in 2005. A longtime Burgundy resident the whole time, so when the chance came to reunite with B&R it was an easy decision on both sides.


(And Occasionally Award-Winning)

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