Our Brochure

When Martha, Sidney and I began
Butterfield & Robinson in the summer of ’66,
we were young, threadbare, and desperate
to explore the world.

Forty of you bravely decided to come with us—and we launched a 59-day European journey with biking through Bavaria’s sparkling lakes and alpine meadows.

And you’ve continued down the slow road with us ever since. You stayed at our home in Beaune. You braved the arduous flight to New Zealand before anyone else. You boldly packed your bags and joined us in China when no other travel company would venture in. You even managed to help us win this year’s Travel+Leisure “Best Tour Operator in the World” award. (As maddeningly self-effacing Canadians, we’re still blushing and staring at our feet.)

Hard to believe 50 years has passed! Thanks for keeping B&R in your lives.

See you on the road,
George Butterfield, Co-founder


(And Occasionally Award-Winning)

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