With all due respect to the Rolling Stones, we humbly disagree with them on at least one crucial point: sometimes you really can get what you want. Take B&R trips, for example. With varying levels of on-trip support to choose from, you can decide which level is right for you. Whether you want to be left to your own devices or guided each step of the way, when it comes to service, we pride ourselves on providing exactly what you want.

Choose The One That's Right For You



“I’ll go it alone.”

Looking for a little more intimacy? Like to be self-reliant? Self-guided trips combine the hallmarks of any B&R itinerary (think excellent hotels, amazing local connections and expertly planned routes) with the freedom of pacing each day exactly the way you like. Plus the B&R local host who greets you on the first day is always nearby and just a phone call away.

Daytime Guided

“A little help goes a long way.”

These trips are the perfect middle ground between independence and indulgence. On daytime guided trips, a knowledgeable local guide provides insider access and expert tips throughout the day. But at night, you’re on your own to explore and dine as you please. And B&R has made inspired connections with passionate people around the globe, ensuring you are provided the very best in friendly, local guides.

Support-Levels-24-7-Guided (1)24/7 Guided

“Full pampering, please.”

B&R guides are an exceptional group: consummate hosts, mind readers and raconteurs (among many other things), and on a 24/7 guided trip, they’re available to you throughout. They’re there to anticipate your needs, translate languages, provide advice and—above all—facilitate fun.


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