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We’ve been going deep into the heart of Africa for decades.

And if we could impart only one thing about The Rainbow Continent, it would be this: Africa isn’t The Lion King—it’s the Louvre. With 19 million square miles of every stunning landscape imaginable, it doesn’t just take one trip to soak up all its wonders… it takes a few!

Fortunately, no one knows Africa quite like our experts. We can help you savour our favourite parts of the continent with all the inimitable style and comfort you’ve come to expect from B&R (i.e. we’ll only give you goosebumps in the best of ways).

Scroll down to see a few of our favourite regions for an African adventure, or click the button below to see our full Safari portfolio.

Meet Our Safari Specialists

They're Freakishly Qualified, They're Lifelong Learners And Africa-Philes, And-Above All-They Think Way, Way Outside The 4x4

Brad Crockett

Christened "Safari Specialist" by Departures Magazine, Brad knows Western and Northern Africa like the back of his (calloused) hand. "With B&R, there's never any sacrificing of safety or comfort—but we get you in deep," he grins. (From his pool. With an elephant in it.)

Michelle Harvey

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Michele caught the travel bug early on—on countless family road trips through her native land. Now, with 21 years of trip guiding and planning under her utility belt, she loves nothing more than helping others discover her ever-so-amazing continent.

Christine Tucker

Hunting for honey with the Hadza? Sipping a sundowner overlooking the Serengeti? After a decade of guiding for B&R—and developing a reputation for brilliant, crazy "what if" ideas—this (honorary) Tanzanian turned trip designer hasn't just done Africa. She's perfected it.

Africa's ready for you year-round. So are we. Give us a ring.

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Go Bespoke.
Return Bespeechless.

Our Bespoke Safari journeys blossom beautifully out of your childhood dreams, adult wanderlust, and crazy morning shower ideas. Whatever your vision is—mingling with meerkats, going rhino-spotting with your kids in the dark velvet of night, camping out on a private island under a googol of stars—our experts can bring it to life, with all the B&R panache you can imagine.

Start Planning Your Safari Experience

Butterfield & Robinson Global Safari Experiences

With extraordinary wildlife around the world we don’t just offer safaris in Africa. View all our wildlife experiences below.

Small Group & Private Trips

All of our small group trips can be booked as private trips (your dates, your group).


Small Group

The right number of like-minded travellers to make new friends.


Your dates. Your group. Our expertly-designed itinerary.


Tailored to your interests, a bespoke travel experience.



Biking – 40-50 km (25-30 mi.) a day over relatively flat terrain with a few small hills—all very manageable for people trying their first biking trip.

Walking – 6-10 km (4-6 mi.) a day on country lanes, footpaths and coastal or forest trails, all on relatively flat terrain, perhaps with an occasional hill.


Biking – 40-50 km (25-30 mi.) a day over terrain that’s relatively flat but will include inclines and the occasional climb or two.

Walking – 8-12 km a day over relatively flat terrain, with occasional steeper climbs.


Biking – 40-50 km (25-30 mi.) a day in gently rolling countryside, with occasional longer climbs to points that are well worth the effort. Layover days accommodate varying preferences.

Walking – 11-15 km (7-10 mi.) a day over rolling terrain on a variety of surfaces. Most days, one or two steeper climbs to spectacular viewpoints or places of interest.


Biking – Roughly 50 km (30 mi.) a day in consistently rolling countryside, with repeated climbs and longer options available.

Walking – 11-15 km over terrain that varies between rolling and hilly, with a few steeper climbs.


Biking – 50-60 km (30-45 mi.) a day over both level and tougher, hillier terrain with multiple 100 km (62 mi.) options. The routes are designed for avid cyclists and include plenty of chances to push yourself.

Walking – 11-15 km (7-10 mi.) a day over fairly hilly terrain offering lots of challenges. Routes are along high meadow paths and/or well-maintained cliffside or alpine trails, with a few steep ascents to make you feel invigorated.

Click here for full details on each activity level »



We use premium hotels that are unique expressions of the region. Often they’ve had a previous life as a monastery or a castle, but in every case they offer an exceptionally comfortable stay.


These are stylish 4-star properties that offer a casual and comfortable stay. Often without a 24-hour concierge or room service, they tend to be smaller family-run hotels that are perfect for the region.


Go Bespoke

We craft extraordinary experiences, tailor made to meet your every need,
with every stitch of every day crafted just the way you want it.

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