At Your Service

No question goes unanswered

From the first phone call to the final nostalgic photo swap, we pride ourselves on anticipating and answering each and every question you might have—before, during and after your trip—plus a hundred more we thought you might possibly have asked. So the only surprises on your trip are good ones.

Before You Go

At B&R, we make sure you know everything you need to know before you’ve even left your living room. Our Travel Advisors know the region you’re travelling to—and to call them detail-oriented would be an understatement! They get you all the information you need to pack perfectly. The only thing we can’t do is help you remember your toothbrush. (But we will have a fresh one for you if you forget.)

Your Questions Answered

As soon as you’ve booked, we send you an email that includes all the essentials you need to start getting ready for your trip. Each B&R trip has its own mini-website that provides everything you need to know before you go, including:

rendezvous details | how to get in shape | what to pack | suggestions for extending your stay | regional facts & info | recommended reading | useful websites | insurance options

In the unlikely event that you still have unanswered questions, our Travel Advisors are just a phone call away at 1.866.551.9090. We encourage you to try to stump them.

On Your Trip

All the support you need

AtYourService_2On a B&R guided trip, our signature guides put you deep into the particulars of a world, and then step back so you have the freedom to make the experience your own. They have a knack of being there right when you need them, but the good sense to know when to “disappear.”

Every evening during a quiet moment, your guide will sit down with you to talk about how you might like the next day to unfold. Do you want to do a little more? A little less? Is there something particularly interesting you want to delve into? After all, this is your holiday.

During the day, you can keep the provided daily overview handy; it points out hidden gems along the way and gives a summary of how the day will unfold. We also give you detailed route suggestions—including which direction to take at the crossroads, where to turn for a hillier option, and how to find that shortcut back to the hotel.

To find out just how well supported you are on the road with B&R, keep reading! The great thing about our trips is that we enable you to create your very own experience—but our goal is to always be right there when you need us.

24-hour Support

Naturally, support isn’t limited to the trail. We recognize that needs, questions and minor emergencies can rear their heads at any moment. Luckily, our legions of guides, local staff, fixers and friends are on call at the drop of a walking stick, 24 hours a day, whether you’re in need of a prescription, a passport or a partner in sampling pastis. Each day while you’re out exploring the world, your luggage is carefully transported to the next hotel. You don’t have to give it a second thought—and nor do your guides. They are there to concentrate on you.

The Van

“What if it’s after lunch and my partner runs out of gas?” Great news: you don’t have to carry your partner the rest of the way. An integral part of your B&R trip is the B&R support van. Our B&R guides and their well-stocked van make regular sweeps of the day’s route, and can whisk you (er, your partner) back to the hotel at a moment’s notice. Meet the van at one of the pre-arranged rendezvous spots or simply hail it on its sweep, whether for snacks, storage or succour.

Family Trips Safety & Supervision

B&R planners take great care to ensure our Family trips are safe and the activities optimized for the specialized age group. Whenever possible, our routes stick to quiet biking roads and well-maintained walking paths. We provide kid-oriented safety equipment and, if required, child seats in the van that constantly sweeps our route. Biking guides are trained in setting up kid-sized bikes, as well as tandems and trailers, and can properly fit young people’s helmets.

After Your Trip

Home safe and sound and looking to reconnect? Hankering for a case of that Grand Cru you tasted on final night? There’s no question too obscure, no task too difficult. Post-trip, we’ll follow up with you and answer any and all questions you might have. Longing for Mamma’s risotto recipe? Wondering where you should go on your next trip? Curious as to where your favourite guide will be travelling next season? All you have to do is ask. You’re B&R now. Consider yourself extended family.

Your Feedback

At B&R, designing exceptional travel experiences involves the contributions of many, including our researchers in the field, guides and trip planners. But when it comes to quality the most important opinion is yours. Your feedback is vital to helping us improve and enhance our trips. That’s why we email a short survey to all our travellers after the trip.



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