50th Anniversary


Before Butterfield & Robinson had 50 years under our belt, traversed six continents, had affairs with over 80 countries (sorry, Canada) and made more friends than we could count, it was a trio of university students: Toronto law student George Butterfield, his high school roommate Sidney Robinson, and his wife Martha Butterfield (Sidney’s sister, of course). Like all young Europhiles, they had a dogged determination to be abroad, a love for the food, languages and culture, a sense of adventure, and no money.

“We decided the only way we could afford to get back to Europe was to develop a student tour program,” George now admits. “Our idea was to visit great cities, arrange history seminars and spend some time biking and hiking.” It worked, and a company – not to mention an entirely new way to travel – was born.

What doesn’t get said, but bears keeping in mind, is just how damn crazy this idea was in 1966...

The Trips

To celebrate our 50th year in business, we’ve dipped into the archive to craft new trips for 2016 that revisit some of our favourite corners of the globe.

Five Decades of Photos


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