The Butterfield & Robinson difference is the best active experiences in the world’s most incredible places (and we should know—we’ve been discovering them for over 50 years!). It’s the most capable and genuinely friendly guides you’ll find anywhere (and we found ours everywhere). It’s the most interesting hotels the region has to offer (of course, by “hotels” we mean castles, riads, ryokans… you get the idea). It’s amazing culinary experiences, state-of-the-art equipment, great wines at dinner, a water bottle that’s always full, suggestions you won’t find in any guidebook, and an experience you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Our Travellers Love Us



Incomparable Service

From the first phone call to the final nostalgic photo swap, we anticipate and answer each and every question you might have before, during and after your trip.

Impeccable Guides

An exceptional group: consummate hosts, mind readers and raconteurs, among many other things. Think teachers, painters, travel writers, architects, botanists and biologists. The only documents thicker than their CVs are their passports.

Talented Team of Trip Designers

The best in the world at what they do—and what they do is turn fantasies into reality.

Amazing Routes and Activities

are meticulously mapped out and easy-to-follow. By no means do you have to follow them, but if you do, we promise nothing short of spectacular (think quiet country lanes, glorious vistas and, often, being the only ones in sight).

Winning Hotels

A hallmark of B&R; we go to great lengths to find properties that are unique expressions of the region.

Often Imitated, Never Replicated

Our journeys have character. And wonder. And wit. And a distinct sort of joie de vivre. They aren’t built to satisfy a sheet of specifications: they’re built to leave you a different, more joyful, more wonderfully nuanced human than whoever first got on the plane. What’s included in every trip? No two trips are ever the same, but here’s what you can count on.

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Why Active Travel

Our trips are adventures, not athletic contests. We’re not professional athletes looking to beat personal bests; we’re wanderers and bon vivants who have come to learn that biking and walking are the best ways to get a true sense of a region.

We offer a whole range of activity levels, allowing you to choose the one that fits you best, and then set your own pace. And whichever level you choose, on a B&R trip you’ll always have options—add an extra few kilometres one day, take a shorter loop back the next, or just spend the day by the pool catching up with a good book.

Learn more about our Activity Levels here


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