Because We’re Pretty Serious About the Whole Slow Down to See the World Thing

(And after 50 years, we’d like to think we’ve got it down to an art)

Active Doesn't Have to Mean "Athlete"

Activity4Our trips are adventures, not athletic contests. We’re not professional athletes looking to beat personal bests; we’re wanderers and bon vivants who have come to learn that biking and walking are the best ways to get a true sense of a region.

We offer a whole range of activity levels, allowing you to choose the one that fits you best, and then set your own pace. And whichever level you choose, on a B&R trip you’ll always have options—add an extra few kilometres one day, take a shorter loop back the next, or just spend the day by the pool catching up with a good book.

Plus, “Active” Can Mean Different Things to Different People.

We know that even among partners and spouses, one person’s “active” is another person’s “too much.” That’s why we offer at least two different routes each day, allowing couples to move together sometimes, and then split up to enjoy different activities (or a lack thereof) at others. Whichever option you choose, the pace is entirely up to you. You’re welcome—and encouraged!—to find your own perfect pace.

Learn more about our Activity Levels here.

Not into "Group Travel"? Neither are we.


B&R doesn’t do tours—we run trips that bring together like-minded travellers who enjoy doing their own thing. We don’t travel en masse, we don’t play follow the flag through the crowd, and we don’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. We believe that our trip format is just the envelope for the experience, and rather than restricting you, it should liberate you to focus on the things that really matter. We plan your day—meticulously—but never chain you to it. Dine with the group, or wander off in search of adventure and that out-of-the-way bistro that caught your eye. We know that the most memorable moments happen when the best-laid plans reinvent themselves.

Fellow Travellers

B&R travellers are some of the nicest, coolest, smartest, most fun-loving people that you’ll ever meet, and we’re willing to bet that you won’t be able to tear yourself away from them by the end of your trip. People who choose to spend their precious vacation time biking or walking with B&R tend to share our outlook on life and travel; they want an active vacation, sure, but one that stimulates the mind and palate too. As a result, our trips are packed with people who share a sense of wanderlust, an appreciation for travelling in style and, often, their contact info—because they have so much fun together, they plan to do it again soon.


Time On Your Own

While we love breaking bread with new friends, we also appreciate that some meals are best spent in private company. That’s why each of our trips offers the opportunity to spend some time on your own. Looking for a romantic dinner for two this evening? We can point out our favourite spots. Feel like hitting the spa this afternoon? We’ll catch up with you later tonight. Want to chat more with that dentist from Austin you rode with yesterday? Invite him to join you for lunch tomorrow—we’ve got plenty of recommendations in town.

DAY IN THE LIFE: Active Travel

B&R Value: The Best Bang For Your Buck Guaranteed!

Incomparable Service

BR-Value---ServiiceWe didn’t get voted the world’s best tour operator because we never make mistakes; we were voted number one because on those rare occasions when things don’t go as planned, we go to exceptional lengths to fix them.

Taking a trip with B&R means entering B&R’s world, and in B&R’s world, there are no people more important than our travellers. We have an entire team of travel professionals dedicated to making sure that every detail is covered—even their contingency plans have contingency plans! Our operations team is on call 24/7 to help our (rather amazing) guides handle any emergencies that should arise on trip. At B&R we’ll never say, “You should call so-and-so.” We’ve already got so-and-so’s number, and we’re calling them now on your behalf. Read more about our service here.

Relentless Research

ResearchNo one knows our regions better than our team of world-class trip designers, route workers and guides. We spend months planning every detail, from the fundamental (like our biking or walking routes) to the minute (“Are these pillows fluffy enough?”). Then, a few days before you arrive, we dispatch our guides for a dress rehearsal of the trip to make sure everything is still up to snuff. That way, by the time you arrive on trip, you can rest assured that we’ve dotted every i, crossed every t and taken care of everything.

And did we mention our guides?

They’re an exceptional group: consummate hosts, mind readers and raconteurs, among many other things. They’ve lived all over the world. They speak a gazillion languages. And they’re entirely devoted to making each trip the best one you’ve ever taken. Meet a few of them here.



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Slow down to see the world