Our travellers keep voting us best-in-the-world at what we do because we craft every journey to be so much more than its inclusions.

Our journeys have character. And wonder. And wit. And a distinct sort of joie de vivre. They aren’t built to satisfy a sheet of specifications: they’re built to leave you a different, more joyful, more wonderfully nuanced human than whoever first got on the plane. What’s included in every trip? No two trips are ever the same, but here’s what you can count on.

Our Ingredients

Unique hotels

Many of the most incredible hotels have fewer than 10 suites. Travelling with a big group means we’d miss out. (Unless… three to a room? We didn’t think so…)

Peerless routesbrgbs_09142014_fvi_150

Our researchers find routes that are nothing short of spectacular. (We are self-admitted perfectionists.) Route notes give easy directions to follow, plus new this year in Europe we provide tablets loaded with digital routes.

Intimate restaurants

Big, bustling restaurants can handle 30 people at once, but a group that big would wipe out our secret back alley haunts. They’d never have us back!

guidesYour guides, consummate hosts

Nature or nurture? At B&R, we believe in both. We hire guides who are preternaturally programmed to take care of people in a thoughtful way. Then we train them up to our standard. Good service? It’s an art.

Cultural immersion

With a small group, we can dine in the home of a local friend. Or sneak into an ancient ruin at night. Or savour a tasting in the tiny cave of an artisanal vintner…


A pre-trip scouting mission

Only we would ever think to do this: a week before your trip, your guides scout the entire route, meeting with all the key players. Your food allergies? Our chefs are already planning something special, just for you.

Please, put your wallet awayimg_3590

Please please please don’t even think about taking out your wallet. Don’t worry about a thing! We pay for everything it makes sense to pay for. Wine? Of course. Your shopping spree at Hermès? Umm, no.

Lasting friendships

We believe everyone should have the chance to build real friendships that can last a lifetime. A group so big you can’t even remember people’s names? Not our style.

A culture of creativity

There’s nothing more important to us than nurturing a deep culture of creativity. Every B&R trip must be an imaginative, surprising opus. For this reason, everyone we hire at B&R has a creative bent. It’s a prerequisite.

paceUltimate freedom

We’ve turned travel into an art form. We put you deep into the particulars of a region, and then step back so you have the freedom to make the experience your own. We have thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

Your pace

She’s on her third descent. He’s on his third cappuccino. There’s no such thing as “off the pace” when you set it yourself. This is one of the joys of travelling with B&R. You go as fast or as slowly as you want.

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