We make your life easier – every way we can – every step of the way.

From the first phone call to the final nostalgic photo swap, we pride ourselves on anticipating and answering each and every question you might have—before, during and after your trip—plus a hundred more we thought you might possibly have asked. So the only surprises on your trip are good ones.

Good service? It's an art.

Your guides, consummate hosts

Nature or nurture? At B&R, we believe in both. We hire guides who are preternaturally programmed to take care of people in a thoughtful way. Then we train them up to our standard.

Quality Assurance: We set the bar brg_gg_052011_pha_pf_169

We may have the highest “customer satisfaction rate” in the business, but we don’t bat a thousand. If something goes awry on your trip and it’s our bad, we will make it right. Guaranteed. Full stop.

An operations team that’s on-call 24/7

On every trip, we have B&R-trained local hosts and deep local connections. Should anything untoward ever happen, our team will be right there at your side. Need strings pulled? We’ve already pulled them.

The perfect amount of support

Our guide-to-traveller ratio and van support are always exactly right. Others tout using many vans per trip—but that’s because they have such large groups and transfer their own luggage. We keep things intimate.

Meet Your Traveller Experience Expert

We’ve even got someone on call to ensure our service meets your expectations time and time again.

Scott McEwen, Manager of Traveller Experience

A familiar face to many B&R travellers, Scott has been guiding trips in Europe, Morocco and Asia over the past several years. He’s known for his creativity, attention to detail and (slightly wicked) sense of humour. If you haven’t been guided by Scott, you’ll be able to get to know him in his new role: making our travellers and B&R Cru’s experiences the best they can be.



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